Thursday, August 4, 2011


No posts since last Thursday!
And I can see that I've had many faithful visits to my blog since then.
Only to come back to see the same old thing.

Our house has been a busy place lately.  We're getting ready for a very big party in a few days, to celebrate a very big deal!  As I explained in a previous post here, we have reason to celebrate!   Getting ready for that celebration is what has been keeping me off this little blog lately.  I'll be sure to post photos next week.  


That does NOT mean my mind hasn't been flooded with ideas and projects.  One of my ideas is to make something out of good old burlap.  Burlap is all over the decorating blogs and we're using a bunch of it at our party too - more on that later.  But when the party is over . . . what to do with all that burlap?  Maybe incorporate it into a pillow?  Or two, or three???  Here are some great pillows I've been browsing through to get me inspired!  Some are burlap, some are not, but they could ALL be made with some burlap.  If I don't use burlap for the front of the pillow, I could certainly use it for the back.  I think some people might be bothered by the feel of burlap pillows against the skin, but I really like that texture on a pillow.  

This one is a kit you can order here.  Beautiful out of any fabric but wouldn't it be great in burlap?


Anthropologie, again!

And, again!

Beautiful stitching!  Doesn't the coming of Fall make you want to stitch??

Very whimsical!  My niece would love this one!

Birds!  How I love birds!

A beautiful bird transfer pillow featured on the Graphics Fairy.

And one of my favorites!

What a wonderful thing to be able to say to the one you love!  I have an idea beyond the pillow for this one!

When the party is over and everything is cleaned up and put away I'm going to be getting some of those ideas out of my head and into some fabric.  So, lookout all 
you friends-who-sometimes-are-roped-into-crafting-get-togethers 
at my house!  Get out your needle and thread and get ready!


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh I love the first is great..all of them are pretty...thanks

Veronica said...

Goegeous ideas! My fav- fotta be the little whimsical bird! So cute.



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