Saturday, August 13, 2011


It's time to dive into my 24 sq. yards of burlap!  That's a lot of burlap - it was used to cover the tables from our party a week ago.  There are SO many great things to use burlap for.  Here are a few of my ideas.

An upholstered headboard for our master bedroom:
"Farm chicks"
Provence Headboard Basic Burlap with Liege Midnight Rosettes

google image

Some burlap buckets?  Maybe some stenciled, burlap buckets?

(google images)

Or . . .  a table runner?

(google images)

A burlap purse . . . maybe two?


Find a great tutorial at La Maison Reid.

This is my favorite and there's a complete tutorial on The Black Crow and More blog.

The possibilities are endless with burlap -

I'm off to visit my sewing machine . . .


the occasional pat said...

Is burlap the same as hessian? I am not familiar with the name burlap, it looks like something we would call hessian which is similar to a course weave like sacking. I don't envy your need to make some decisions. Bon Courage.

Nan said...

Hello Pat -

To answer your question, yes, hessian is the same thing. We just call it burlap over here!

Thanks for the visit - all the way from France! Hope you'll come back again to see what comes of my burlap/hessian!


PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

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La Maison Reid said...

Hi there!
So glad I found your blog. I see that you like burlap as much as I do! :) I just love your headboard and hope to someday make one.
Thanks for featuring my chocolate brown bag, however I did notice that the only link is to the ruffled bag which was actually made by "Crafty Mama" who credited me with the design/tutorial (minus the ruffles. :(


Amanda said...

Wow- I just found this via Pinterest... love the post... but also because I am the maker of that first headboard! Me and my mom made it for the Farm Chick's show years ago. :) You should have seen it pre-renovation. ;)



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