Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June Roses (and Snapdragons and Fuschia and Salvia . . .)

June is National Rose Month!
After a very long winter, and a cold, wet spring, it's about time we see some flowers in the garden.  But, it's been chilly and wet all the way into the third week of June this year.  While everything else in the garden is struggling to show off, the roses are not about to let the weather stop them!  So, until my garden becomes a little more photo-worthy, these hardy blooms will have to do.

Sweetheart Roses from a Mother's Day plant from my son. 

Snapdragons and Salvia in a little silver creamer that was handed down from my grandmother. 
Last, but not least, some Fuschia and Honeysuckle in a fabulous ice bucket that was a real thrift store find.  It's not silver or even silver-plate, but it's the next best thing and for only $3.99!  It feels like silver, is weight-y like silver, but it's something else.  The information on the bottom calls it "Silver Glamour" and all I know is that it is extremely shiny and mirror-like and it does not tarnish!

Here are some ideas for things to do to Celebrate National Rose Month:

-Host a garden party for your gardening friends.
-Visit a public rose garden near you.
-Send photos of your roses to friends and family (or blog about them)!
-Gather your favorite rose photos and create a coffee table book to 
give as a gift to someone who can't get out and enjoy them.
-Create your own special postage stamp celebrating your own rose garden.  You can create them here. Expensive, but nice for a special occasion!
-Take a shut-in to visit a rose garden near you.
-Give a rose plant to a nearby nursing home.
-Take a bouquet of roses or other flowers from your own garden to special friends - just as a way to show them how much you appreciate them.

Happy Rose Month!


Ivy and Elephants said...

The snapdragons in silver is really beautiful. I love it. I need to look for some snapdragons.


spice smoke said...

@Above.... It may sound silly but am hearing the word "snapdragons" for the fist time.. what do you exactly mean by them ?

buy salvia divinorum said...

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Smoking herbal said...

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