Thursday, June 23, 2011

French Lavender and Hedgehogs

It's book group night.  A night to get together with one of my favorite groups of people and talk about one of my favorite things . . . books.  This month we read a book called "The Elegance of the Hedgehog", a book translated from French.  It takes place in Paris, which is right at the heart of so many blog themes and styles!

Since I'm now "retired" and have all this time on my hands, (as my friends keep reminding me) I decided to make something for the girls that would go along with the setting of the book.  France is known for its fields and fields of lavender.  Just looking at these photos makes me want to go to see these fields for myself.  The fragrance must be unbelievable!

 So, I used the "fabric through my printer method" again and printed out a frame graphic from the Graphics Fairy and filled it in with the words "Sweet Dreams", putting the graphic on the top half of the 8 1/2 x 11 fabric so that I could just fold it over for the pillow.
Then, I'm going to sew them into little pillows filled with lavender buds I bought on Etsy!  I got a one pound bag for $14.00 - that's about 14-16 cups of lavender buds.  There are a lot of Etsy shops selling lavender - I got mine here. The order came very quickly and - WOW! - did it ever smell wonderful when I opened up the box!

later . . .

Oh, I made that sound just so easy!  Well, lavender is everywhere!!!!
True, it smelled wonderful when I opened it up and it's a good thing I like the scent of lavender because we're going to be smelling it for a long time around here.
 I thought it would be no big deal.  I'd just make a little paper funnel and slide those buds right into the pillows.  Well, those buds are some of the stickiest things out there.  What makes them sticky is the fact that they're fuzzy and they like to stick together - like velcro.  So, anyway, I put them in the funnel . . . and . . . waited.  They wouldn't budge.  I poked and prodded - nothing.

    I had to resort to dumping them into a bowl and spooning them into that teensy opening I left when I sewed them . . . one spoonful at a time.
 I think it would be nice to put some in the linen closet to make the towels smell fresh, or on a guest towel with a pretty bar of soap.
So, they're done.  I bagged them up in ziplock bags so they
don't lose the any of the scent before I give them away. 
They are pretty.  I like them.  I sure hope the book group girls like lavender . . .


catherine said...

pretty...wish i was in your book group. also love your artwork. ver pretty.

Veronica said...

Such a lovely gift idea! Founnd you over at The Graphics Fairy and now I'm an avid follower of your lovely blog!

freckled laundry said...

I love lavender and I LOVE these! Thanks for sharing!


Char said...

I am so happy to have found your lovely blog. I think your sachets are just beautiful.
I just wanted to say that making a paper cone helps when filling sachets with the buds. Also, when they begin to loose their sweet scent, just give them a good squeeze and just like that, it's all fresh again.
I am off to follow you. I don't want to miss anything.
I hope you have a lovely 4th, Char

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered your blog. I love these little lavender sachets. Is there a special technique to printing onto material?



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