Sunday, May 8, 2011

Transferring graphics to fabric

Yesterday was so productive.  I really got a lot done.  
Today - I just couldn't get myself motivated.  It was Mother's Day, after all.  After spending a relaxing day with the family, I tried to settle in but got only as far as doing some printing onto fabric for a few projects.  But at least they're ready to go when I get a chunk of time to work on things . . .
 These were printed on canvas with clip art from the Graphics Fairy, using freezer paper to send it through the printer.  Canvas is bulky, which is good because the thickness gives it body.  But it can also leave some smudge marks on the fabric.  In this case, I think it's okay because I want it to look a little worn.  
This was also printed on canvas just using letters and three rectangles in the center (made skinny) on my word processing program.  I guess I need some new printer ink - the yellow was supposed to be a lime green color.  Both of the above designs will be made into purses . . . hopefully in the next couple days.


Aroura said...

Good to know there are options besides citra solv. Thanks for sharing!

The Vintage Barn Antiques said...

That's so cool I'm going to try it!

carole said...

New to your great blog! Exactly what I was looking for, but I am unclear as to how you did this...did you put the fabric in the printer??



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