Saturday, October 29, 2016


Maybe you saw this post from several weeks ago?  

My $30 kitchen island is now finished and in use.  So shop those used furniture stores for repurposing ideas.  Thirty dollars sure beats the lowest price kitchen islands that start at around $500 and are often veneered particle board and flimsy.  I did remove the veneered top on this piece, and the rest is solid wood with a dovetailed drawer and solid wood decorative trim.  So it's very heavy and stays in place perfectly.

Mgirl, Iris, wanted to be in the photo to show her approval.  
She suggests a bowl of doggie treats on the bottom shelf.  

Also pictured are some 123 year old corbels manufactured by George Poppert.  They were originally blue and white - you can see the matching ceiling to the pavilion he designed for the Chicago 1893 World's Fair here.  Thanks to my brother, Doug, for getting those heavy things in place for me!

Here's the previously posted process . . . 

 This dresser was at Habitat for Humanity's RESTORE for only $15.  This one is already perfect counter height and about 45 inches wide which will work well for 2 stools once the extension is added.  I've already pulled out the drawers in this picture - not sure if I'm going to use them or not.    

Next, I started to take off the veneer.  It took some doing to get down to the bottom of the veneer layer.  


I found that going over a wet towel with a hot, steamy iron, loosened up the glue nicely.  Then I could use a scraper to get under the veneer and little by little, pull it up.

The beautiful wood under the veneer is exposed.

The back and the shelves that the drawers rested on were old and musty smelling, so I pried off the old backing and slid the shelves out.

Now to put on some new backing, shelving, and an extension to the top using wood corbels. 

Then I'll decide if I want to use the original drawers, some wire and wicker baskets, or a combination of both, for storage.

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