Saturday, August 16, 2014


I've just finished my 3rd year out of the classroom and I can't believe all the fun things I've been able to do and learn!  More time with my husband (and best friend), trips long and short, painting workshops, lazy mornings with my sketchbook, and so many other opportunities are now a reality!  This is such an exciting time in my life and I LOVE looking forward to what each new day will bring.

As the calendar rolls toward fall and a new school year, (I don't think teachers ever stop thinking of their calendar in terms of a school year) I've been spending some time getting my art room sorted and organized.  In the past, I'd be busy setting up my classroom at school at this time of year - now I enjoy spiffing up my art room at home.  So, after a fresh coat of paint . . .

 It's a room with great light spilling in from two sides.

 The lampshade I made for my classroom desk now sits on my drawing desk, complete with small watercolor sketches of mine and those from some little people I know!

 My artwork on the walls has taken the place of students' work . . .

 A corner set aside for painting . . .

 Bulletin boards replaced with clipboards.

 A basket filled with sketchbooks and other projects in the works . . .

 Everything and anything I could ever want for making stuff!

 and a chair right by the window that makes this room feel like a treehouse.

Fall is in the air.  There's a new slant to the light pouring in and I'm looking forward to a "school year" filled with projects!  I have a house portrait commission I'm working on, a Christmas story for children written with illustrations almost done, another children's story in the works, and an exhibition entry to photograph and paint for.  

I feel so fortunate to have the time to do all these things that I love.

Life is good.

My first children's book:  O is for the BIG OAK TREE, is available HERE.

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