Monday, November 29, 2010

Angel statues in the cemetery

My husband, Bob, is fascinated by old cemeteries.
He loves to walk through them
and think about the people who are buried there.
Sometimes he knows them and sometimes he doesn't,
but it doesn't matter.  We can't drive by one without him
saying, "I just love an old cemetery!" He always admires the huge angel
statues that grace many of the graves in the older cemeteries.  

It won't be a secret once he reads this post, 
but he's getting one of those statues for Christmas.
 This blog is about making things, but I can't actually make the statue
(not yet anyway - I may need to figure that out someday . . .)
However, I can give him the angel in a different form!
So, I began sketching some of them . . .



But, I think the statue he would REALLY like is this one that
is an icon in Savannah, Georgia.
She's not an angel, but she is very mysterious!

The Bird Girl

Now to get her sketched, matted, and framed
 . . .  
Merry Christmas, Bobby!

1 comment:

nancy said...

love this statue also. Check out forest hills cemetary, jp boston



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